Vanishing and appearing again all the time, but for now for a longer time.

I genuinely feel like I've lost plot with everything recently. Didn't really enjoy anything at this point, didn't really touched this site for a good while. Things just didn't feel right and maybe trying to force myself to do anything, especially show these things off became tiring. I've stopped creating things of any value and it just became to keep myself occupied, really mindless thing. Now I'm left with tons of boring photos and hoard of cameras I hate at this point. Even things here got so annoying that I wanted to delete them but in the end moved it to separate subdomain where from now I'll be dumping old stuff just to clean up things. Beside previous 4 versions of site, there will be static archive of my WordPress blog and various unused and unfinished things. (Will try to make redirects work, to not fuck up some links that were tossed around.) Mainly to clean up my folders and be done with this for a while and also to have a blank page I can fill again when things will come back to me again.

I want to feel things again. I want to create and enjoy this, mainly for myself but also to make people actually care about things I do. Make fun stuff for my friends. Just to break off from this vicious cycle and change something up. Clean up your mind, clean up your suroundings, clean up your internet and digital things. Kick bad habits (especially hoarding), go offline for a bit and come back better. That's what I want for now.

Only few people had my Discord tag and anyway account is for now tempomarily deactivated and possibly I might switch accounts entirely. E-mail me at devon@matfloor.net if you somehow want to talk, will try to reply as soon as I can and I usually check my mail daily. Sometimes I open Escargot MSN and I use same e-mail.

See you soon, for sure.